In order to best meet our clients’ needs, and align with our growing portfolio of solutions, Boat Services has changed its name to Simplitium and Boat Oasis has changed name to ModEx.

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Simplitium develops ClaritEx cost transparency solution for pensions industry; Appoints Communications Director

Simplitium™, the financial services transparency specialist and a Cinnober Group company, today ...

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Simplitium's  cost transparency resolutions for Pension Schemes

Regulatory scrutiny of cost transparency is growing for all participants in the Pensions industry, with further obligations due in 2018. Managing costs and charges associated with a pension scheme is central to its operation and can have a significant impact on the success of a scheme over the long-term. Scheme representatives don’t always know what to look for or what ...

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Simplitium seeking to redefine transparency for pension funds globally

Transparency provider, Simplitium, has launched new initiative to explore enhanced transparency services for the pensions industry Simplitium™, financial services transparency specialist, has successfully delivered reporting solutions to the finance industry for over a decade, significantly improving the transparency of OTC trading and helping firms meet their MiFID II ...

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