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Simplitium's Stewart Bevan to speak at SPS Pensions Conference

Event - 12.04.2018, London

Stewart Bevan, Simplitium's Head of Pensions Product Development and Member of the FCA's Institutional Disclosure Working Group (IDWG), will be speaking on the topic of Cost Transparency at the Investment Governance and Fiduciary Management for Pension Funds Conference hosted by SPS.


Meeting the Cost Transparency Challenge – Understanding the Power of Data & Technology

With schemes facing new regulatory initiatives to improve transparency of costs, Stewart Bevan, Head of Pensions Product Development at Simplitium, will discuss the challenges and how the pragmatic use of technology can help schemes make sense of the data, demonstrate effective governance and take meaningful action to ensure better outcomes for their members.

  • What regulatory pressures are in place to achieve cost transparency for pensions schemes? 
  • What will be the impact of the IDWG’s new cost disclosure standards ?
  • What role can technology have in improving pension scheme governance?
  • How do scheme representatives make sense of cost data?

The talk will discuss cost transparency in investments and consider ways trustees can use technology to improve pension fund governance. Stewart will be speaking at 13:35 on 12th April.

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Stewart Bevan(closeup)

About Stewart Bevan

Stewart has spent a number of years identifying the pressures on UK pension schemes and believes there is still a lot the pensions industry can do to help stakeholders. As Head of Pensions Product Development for Simplitium, Stewart is helping to develop ClaritEx, a platform which aims to empower the wider pensions community by increasing the transparency and quality of portfolio information available to them.  

Date: 12 April 2018

Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, London
21 Piccadilly
London W1 0BH

About the conference

It is clear that investment cost, value for money and transparency are becoming increasingly important to pension funds and need to be carefully managed. Is fiduciary management the only answer or can DGFs, balanced growth funds or other strategies also help? This conference aims to examine the issues and proposed solutions to help pension funds assess which strategies might help them to achieve better governance and higher returns without increasing risk or net costs.