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Oasis Conference:'THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY' - London

Event - 18.06.2019, London

The annual Oasis London conference, entitled 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', will be held on 18-19 June 2019.

Matt Jones, Head of Insurance product Development at Simplitium, will be participating in a panel on Day 2 of the conference discussing interoperability of Cat Models.

If you would like to book a meeting with the ModEx team during the conference, please contact James Lay on james.lay@cinnober.com

The following speakers and topics are confirmed:



Climate change and catastrophe modelling
Emma Raven, Principal Analyst (JBA Risk Management)
Fred Hattermann, Head of Research (Potsdam Institute for Climate)
Steve Jewson, SVP Model Development (RMS)

Demand is increasing to quantify the impact of climate change on catastrophe risk. However, uncertainty is high, and there are challenges in using the output of climate models. Is climate change already having an impact on risk which is not reflected in today’s catastrophe models? This panel brings together leading modelling experts to discuss the challenges of integrating climate change into our view of risk.

Key research challenges for flood modelling
Gary McInally, Chief Actuary (Flood Re)
Jeff Neal, Director (Fathom)
Jessica Turner, Senior Vice President, Catastrophe Advisory (Guy Carpenter)
Chair: Claire Souch, Director (AWHA Consulting)
A study has been commissioned jointly by Flood Re and The Lighthill Risk Network which looks at key research challenges that are faced by the Re(In)surance Industry about flood risk modelling. The purpose of this panel is to investigate some of the following:
What are the priorities for flood research, why is there so much still to do for flood;
What practically should drive the focus for our research;
Where can academia provide the most value;
Where could collaboration help get results?

Model validation - where next?
Alexander Alabaster, Catastrophe Analyst (AON)
Paul Della-Marta, Head of Catastrophe Research (Partner Reinsurance Company)
Stefan Eppert, General Manager (KatRisk Germany)
Model validation often becomes a chore to satisfy regulators and rating agencies. A much more interesting area is how do we get value from models that we use, where are the variances between vendor models and home-grown models, and what the future holds for end-users ability to calibrate and validate their cat models.
What should we be doing in this space;
What should model validation/calibration look like in the future;
Do we have all the data we should have;
How can we collaborate to improve efficiency?

Oasis and International Collaborations for Disaster Risk Insurance
Claire Souch, Director (AWHA Consulting)
This session will give an update on Oasis projects to create open models for low and middle income countries and collaborations with the Insurance Development Forum, InsuResilience, the Centre for Global Disaster Protection, along with other initiatives to increase disaster risk insurance in highly vulnerable countries.


Ben Hayes, CEO (Oasis Palm Tree)
Claire Souch, Director (AWHA Consulting)
Matthew Jones, Head of Insurance Product Development (Simplitium)
Shane Latchman, VP and Managing Director (AIR)
Improving efficiency of the insurance industry enabled by interoperability are key drivers of collaboration and a key project lead by the Insurance Development Forum. This panel will explain what this means, how it will work and what the challenges are.

Current risk level for Tropical Cyclone North America (TCNA) - lessons learnt
Adam Sobel, Professor -Depts. of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, and Earth and Environmental Sciences (Columbia University)
Panellists:  Dail Rowe, Senior Scientist and Regional Manager (WeatherPredict Consulting Inc.)
Richard Dixon, Director (CatInsight)
Tom Philp, Manager - Science and Natural Perils (AXA XL)
Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Basin remain key drivers of insured losses globally, and are some of the most researched processed on the planet. . Professor Adam Sobel will give a presentation on the research is going and what this could mean for the insurance industry. An industry panel will discuss some of the conclusions.

Did the earth move for you? Earthquake models in 2019 and beyond
Goran Trendafiloski, Head of Earthquake Model Development in EMEA and APAC (Impact Forecasting)
Nigel Winspear, Director (NW Ltd.)
Paolo Bazzurro, Professor (University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia)
Speaker TBC (CoreLogic)
Chair: Will Gardner, Managing Director (COMBUS)
Earthquake has had less headlines than other hazards recently but should not be forgotten. This panel will review a number of key issues such as:
Do we understand earthquake models as well as we should;
What could take users of earthquake cat models by surprise;
What we can learn from the USGS;
Why using multi models makes sense?

(Subject to change)