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Webinar: Cat Risk Modelling in 2018

Event - 21.02.2018, 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT)

Sign up for Simplitium's new webinar which will discuss the current state of catastrophe risk modelling and our vision for the future. The webinar will be hosted by cat risk experts from our ModEx team. 

This webinar will cover the challenges faced by (re)insurers when modelling catastrophes, and the potential solutions for addressing those challenges.

The webinar will also introduce ModEx, the cat risk modelling platform powered by the Oasis LMF. We will outline how the ModEx platform can help (re)insurers reduce costs, IT resources and model execution time, while gaining access to a wider range of global cat risk models.

  • Challenges in the global cat modelling marketplace
  • Importance of innovation and modern technology in improving the market
  • Benefits of a shared modelling service in reducing cost, improving choice and making model executions quicker
  • Introduction to ModEx, the cat risk modelling marketplace powered by the Oasis LMF
  • Demonstration of the ModEx front-end
  • Q&A