Making data count – how to use the IDWG cost code

News - 04.07.2018

Stewart Bevan from our ClaritEx team is featured in Pensions Expert discussing how the upcoming cost data disclosure templates from Financial Conduct Authority’s IDWG will help trustees enhance their governance frameworks and increase the chances of delivering improved outcomes for pension scheme members.

From the blog: Following nine months of detailed work by the members of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group, new cost data templates will, for the first time, provide an industry-agreed, consistent approach to collecting this important information.

Schemes have long awaited access to a granular level of information on investment costs – they have never been able to easily obtain it before. This is no silver bullet that solves all the industry’s problems, but it is an essential step on the journey to assessing value for money.

Gathering data is one thing, but knowing what to do with it is another. It is important that we do not just drown schemes in data, so what should be done with it?

Read the full blog post here.