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JBA's innovative probabilistic models make it easy for (re)insurers to assess the potential risk they face on a return period basis.


River, Surface Water and Sea Surge Flood

JBA’s UK Flood probabilistic model is the first to include river, surface water and coastal flood for the United Kingdom. Designed with the implementation of Flood Re in mind, the model enables the comprehensive, high-resolution quantification of flood risk to insured properties.

Location: UK Peril: Flood Status: Available

River and Surface Water

JBA’s probabilistic flood model for river and surface water in Sri Lanka combines flood hazard maps and thousands of years of simulated events with a built environment model and bespoke vulnerability curves. Analysis in JCalf®, enables output of insured and ground up results.

Location: Sri Lanka Peril: Flood Status: On request

River and Surface Water

The Malaysia model is a full probabilistic multi-peril flood model allowing analysis of risks from river flood (nationwide with around 15,000km total river length modelled) and surface water (modelled for 10 cities). With an underlying hazard map resolution of 30m, the Malaysia flood model’s resolution and quality are cutting edge in this territory.  

Location: Malaysia Peril: Flood Status: On request

River and Surface Water

The India probabilistic flood model currently includes the 23 most exposed cities in the country, with surface water and river flood included depending on which peril is the greater threat to each city.  JBA's Global Flood Map has now modelled some 138,600 km of river in India.

Location: India Peril: Flood Status: On request

River Flood

JBA Risk Management’s probabilistic flood model for Thailand was released in response to the need amongst insurers and reinsurers to better understand Thai flood risk following the floods of 2011. The model combines river flood hazard maps, covering 20,000km of river network, and 10,000 years of simulated events with bespoke vulnerability curves and a built environment model.

Location: Thailand Peril: Flood Status: On request

River Flood

The Europe probabilistic model enables the calculation of return period losses across Europe. The underlying flood maps of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland are modelled at up to 10m resolution. An event set, a built environment model and vulnerability functions for 78 risk types complete the model which has five aggregation levels, from 5-digit postcode level up to Europe-wide level. 

Location: Europe Peril: Flood Status: On request

River flood and surface water

JBA's Vietnam Flood Probabilistic Model is the first multi-peril (river flood and surface water) catastrophe model for the re/insurance industry, aiding risk management in Vietnam.  The model has been developed to cater for the aggregated exposure portfolios while maintaining the need for high resolution flood analysis. 

Location: Vietnam Peril: Flood Status: On request

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JBA Risk Management is a leading provider of natural hazard modelling services for the insurance and reinsurance industry. Its highly skilled specialists pride themselves on translating complex data into easy to use information. For further information, please visit the JBA Risk Management website.



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