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Impact Forecasting leverage ModEx to provide clients with greater choice

Blog - 08.11.2018

Impact Forecasting deploy their models though a range of channels, including their own platform, ELEMENTS. As clients become more demanding on where they access cat risk models, Impact Forecasting were keen to support a wider range of channels. They also wanted to enable simplified model evaluations and offer clients full insight into how their models run.

ModEx's flexibility and accessibility was an opportunity for Impact Forecasting to provide clients with more choice, maximise outreach, and offer model evaluations with relatively little effort needed from Impact Forecasting or their clients.

Insurers now have an alternative way to model risk which is easy to access and therefore cost-effective. ModEx offers (re)insurers access to a greater choice of models, including those provided by Impact Forecasting. By bringing their models to ModEx, Impact Forecasting enable clients to run their models on the platform of their choice.



About Impact Forecasting

Impact Forecasting, Aon’s catastrophe model development centre of excellence, enables firms to analyse the financial implications of catastrophic events and achieve a greater understanding of their risks.

About ModEx

ModEx is the first independent multi-vendor catastrophe risk modelling platform, delivered by Simplitium and powered by Oasis LMF. The platform provides the (re)insurance industry with a cost-effective and reliable way to meet their modelling requirements. ModEx works with model providers from all over the world to encourage model development and improve the quality and choice of models available in the market.

About Simplitium

Simplitium is a global financial services technology provider, delivering specialist solutions that solve complex challenges within financial services. Simplitium has been successfully delivering market-leading transparency services to the finance industry for over 10 years, servicing some of the largest banks, investment firms and insurance companies in the world.