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COMBUS leverage ModEx to make their multi-peril model more accessible and easier to use

Blog - 01.08.2018

COMBUS strive to provide clients with the most value from their models. However, current deployment options can be manual and time consuming for clients and administration heavy for COMBUS in terms of licensing and access provisions.

By choosing to make their multi-peril Australian catastrophe risk model available on ModEx, COMBUS make it easier for firms to access and use the model. This also frees up valuable time for COMBUS, allowing them to focus on model development.

ModEx is the first independent multi-vendor catastrophe modelling platform operating on the Oasis LMF. With ModEx’s web-based model execution software, it is easier for clients to deploy and access COMBUS’s models within a single platform, reducing training requirements. As a fully managed and hosted service ModEx also lowers the IT costs for firms using COMBUS’s models.

"In the past, implementing 5 different catastrophe risk models required 5 different systems, 5 different set ups and 5 different sets of training. With ModEx, (re)insurers only need to learn 1 system." 
Will Gardner, Managing Director, COMBUS


ModEx is the multi-vendor cat risk modelling platform delivered by Simplitium and powered by Oasis LMF. The platform provides the (re)insurance industry with a cost-effective and reliable way to meet their cat modelling requirements.