Engaging Millennials – The Role Of Asset Managers (Part 3)

Blog - 06.09.2018


Put simply, asset managers (like the pensions industry in general) would benefit GREATLY from adopting a technology mentality in their operations. Rather than the general sense of inertia which pervades, managers should be seeking to build digital solutions quickly using an agile mindset with a dedicated commitment to refine their services regularly.

This might initially seem contradictory given previous comments on the cost pressures managers are facing – in the near-term, such things require investment and will drive up spending due to the need to invest in upgrading and introducing new systems. Nevertheless, this has to be considered on a long-term view. Technology offers the potential to reduce costs over time and managers have a significant opportunity to improve their core infrastructure, which would then enable institutions who have a direct route to savers to be able to offer attractive and flexible solutions which help those people engage better.

To some degree this has started but although that spending has begun, it’s far from being at the level required to make a real difference, meaning driving higher revenues are even more important. An Alpha FMC survey [1] earlier this year of 15 of the largest global asset management firms who collectively manage £7tn, revealed fewer than 10% are spending over £50m a year on digital projects. These amounts are dwarfed in comparison with the hefty budgets banks, such as J.P.Morgan who spent $9.5bn on technology in 2016, and other financial services groups devote to their digital projects.

Yet having modern, efficient IT systems and digital capability forms a critical base infrastructure for Asset Managers to run their operations efficiently and meet client and regulatory needs. Such capability could then allow Managers to act as key data providers for dashboards like Abaka and Moneyhub enabling savers to easily see a consolidated view of their investment accounts and savings. As the first truly digital generation, it feels like having this type of capability is essential, and if managers were seen to be proactively powering this it could improve their reputation with Millennials.

[1] Large fund managers skimp on digital spend – Financial News, April 24th, 2018

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